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Was the Canadian West really The Last Best West?

You bet, but for whom?

That question remains even today with the territorial, political, environmental, cultural and racial issues that still haunt not only Alberta, but most of the world. 


THE LAST BEST WEST presentation takes a glimpse at 6 major events from the 14th to the 19th Century. It is a'age-appropriate" (considering our history's sensitive yet factual content) 1-hour presentation based on Jim's songwriting, musicianship and communication skills influenced by several life-changing, progressive and regressive events of that shaped Canada's West.

Music is a powerful media to reach and engage students!
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"Jim's first-class songwriting, musicianship, historical research and superb graphics combine for an effective and enjoyable way for students to grasp this segment of Canadian heritage."

Ted Thorne, retired Principal, Millarville and Longview

one of Canada's Outstanding Principals, 2007 

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Classroom or Gym/Auditorium
Specific grades or entire school
Jim can provide all A/V equipment

> including huge 10x12 screen

  • Europeans - colonization and diseases

  • relations - Europeans, fur traders, Indigenous

  • fur trade - sets stage for Canada as nation

  • acquisition of Rupert's Land - new era

  • transitioning way of life of First Nations

  • fur trade dies away - impact

  • decimation of buffalo - impact

  • Treaties - the good, bad and ugly

  • NorthWest Mounted Police -impact

  • Jerry Potts - NWMP Metis guide

Topics covered . . . 

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> Is still an interactive presentation
> Jim must be able to see class
> Utilizes chat capability of ZOOM


  • coming of cattle - new era

  • coming of cowboys - new era

  • cattle drives - tough jobs

  • roundups - before the fences

  • "The Last Best West" - immigration strategy

  • coming of settlers - new era

  • formation of settlements - new era

  • the Seven Sacred Teachings - Indigenous

  • the Code of the West - Cowboys

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"Jim is the whole package;  a seasoned performer and the ultimate storyteller whose talent and warmth will draw you in." 
Lynn Kot, Past President, Weyburn Concert Series, SK Arts Councils

Screenshot of ZOOM presentation - shows Jim's split-screen with dynamic visuals
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Students, staff, parents and audiences will hear the wind, smell the sage and feel the trail-dust through Jim's colorful lyrics, melodic songwriting and vibrant graphics.

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"Our division had Jim for three days in two schools. His music and messages were very well received.  Importantly, he was a joy to deal with. I highly recommend Jim for your school or community."

Selway L. Mulkey, Principal (retired), Nye County School District, Pahrump, Nevada, USA

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