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"Jim's deep understanding of the cowboy spirit, his gift for lyrics and melody, his terrific finger picking make him a really special performer."  
Hugh McLennan, Host, Spirit of the West, Syndicated Radio show -- Canada/U.S.

"This was one of the most joyful experiences of my year. Jim's lyrics are so poetic and tell the history of cowboys and pioneers in such a beautiful way. His impressive slide show brings his lyrics to life as he sings. Soothing and rich voice, talented guitarist and honest storyteller."
Fred Howes, UK, AIRBNB Online Experience Participant

"A lovely performance of history and talented songwriting. Jim is a great musician, clearly a great guy, great story teller and an experienced guitar player. I highly recommended Jim, and Ive seen a lot of live entertainment in my time!"  
Alison Snegden, UK, AIRBNB Online Experience Participant

Evening or Afternoon Concerts

  • Two fifty minute sets with a 20 minute intermission

  • Communities have often provide a 'Western Meal' ahead of the concert and price tickets accordingly.

The Usual Stage Setup

  • Jim usually is a one man band with robust finger picking giving the impression of 3 guitars at once!

  • Depending on equipment available at your venue, at a minimum, Jim uses a 12' x 12' screen via laptop computer to LCD projector, all which Jim can provide.

A Concert Program is provided:

- below are areas covered -- program is more detailed



​1.  Intro/Overview/Background

     >  2 songs​

2.  The 1870's:  The West Changed Forever

     >  4 songs, 1 poem, 3 stories​

3.  The 1880's:  The Cattle, Cowboys and Settlers

     >  3 songs, 1 story​



4.  Before the Fences:   Cattle/Trail Drives​

     >  4 songs, 1 story​

5.  The NorthWest Rebellion

     >  1 song, 1 story

6.  Before the Fences:   Roundups

     >  2 songs, 1 story​

7.  The 21st Century:  The Western Lifestyle Still Lives

     >  4 songs

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