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I'm an unabashed Jim Reader fan. This Canadian singer/songwriter's thoughtful creations represent some of the most consistently fresh material found anywhere."  
Rick Huff, Music Critic, The Western Way Magazine, Albuquerque, NM

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Retired in 2019, Jim has focused his energy towards refining his two-decade long project, The Last Best West. He has accumulated history, written music, poems and collected graphics and artwork that synchronize with the entire presentation. Now he’s sharing the fruits of his passion as his retirement career.


Jim has developed two versions of The Last Best West:  one is a one hour interactive presentation for elementary students.  This version is a great balance between educating, entertaining and participation.  An extended version is designed for community, arts council, library or special events concerts.  It is a two and a half hour concert with two fifty minutes sets separated by an intermission.

Jim has shared the stage with Kenny Rogers, BJ Thomas and Tommy James, (if you're old enough to remember those guys!) during his band haydays. He has accumulated numerous songwriting awards and nominations in the U.S. and Canada. Of note, he won the Western Canada Summer Games themesong contest from over 100 submissions.  Jim and Montana songwriter TJ Casey teamed up for a duo album in 2011 that was awarded ‘Western Album of the Year’ from the Traditional Country Music Assoc. in the U.S..


Capitalizing on his own unique finger picking style and paying tribute to one of his major musical influences, Jim performs a 2 hour concert of James Taylor's timeless songs.


Jim and Marion are empty nesters (parents to 5 wonderful adult children) and live at the foot of southern Alberta's magnificant Rocky Mountains.

JIm's Personal Website is:    wwwjimreader.com

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Singer/Songwriter & Teaching Artist

A Social Studies Presentation